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We know how unique our name is but did you? No we knew you didn’t until we spelled it out to you. We saw this name years ago while having a discussion with a relative. My ex-mother-in-law to be factual, May God Rest Her Lovely Soul. She was explaining what she had learned about their heritage from New Orleans, Louisiana. Well, my ears perked up because I thought that would be fascinating information for my children and their children’s children. She mentioned their name derived from a French name called the “Livaudais”. As soon as I heard it I thought wowwy how adorable. Not only is it spelled with style it sends a message. Live A Day. I’ve loved it since then as I loved my ex-husband, Tom Delery, who re-married and has become single again just like me. Who knows. Live A Day!


Hey guys,
Whats up? I’ve been learning more techniques on getting traffic to your websites and businesses. You would not believe the different things people are coming up with. But you know what? Keep talking because I think word of mouth is the best kind of advetisement ever! Talk Talk Talk! Hey, you can use my story above if you run out of things to say! We Love Traffic.

BTW, you should join list builders groups and get a feel for them. Once you learn what they are all about then I suggest you pick and choose the best ones that suit your needs. Some are just wasted real estate.
Later……LiveADaY J

Oh my word! If you have sisters or brothers look out when you get older. They will gang up on you to protect their inheritance with vengeance. I think my sisters have lost their minds and have turn into monsters. I mean, when you start reading your mother’s email and looking at her bank account to find out what she is spending money on…. I would call that an invasion of privacy! But reading someone’s emails without their permission. Stealing their password? All against the Law. And are you ready? They want to be able to take care of my mother when she is older so that she can live at home in her older age. Excuse me? I think she’s done that! She’s 88 years old and lives in her home and has done it quite well without their help! She has insurance, supplemental insurance, pharmaceutical insurance, you name it and she can take care of herself quite well. She is not stupid and knows what they are up to. They want their inheritance protected. They do not want her spending a dime on ME (her disabled daughter) or our business. They have been jealous of my relationship with my mother since I was born. Help their disabled sister? Are you kidding me? I’m not disabled in their brains. In fact, they don’t even know who I am. I haven’t spoken to them in years yet they tell mother I am going to casinos and gambling. Yeah? With what money? I don’t pull greenbacks out of my ***. But they have taken it to a level of MONSTERS. They don’t see Mom and I are trying to get a business so that it can supplement my low income. They look at it as money being taken away from their inheritance. Something Mother should have never told them about. I think she should leave it to Charity! When they make my Mom cry. That is the end of their unresolved, immature, sinful, childish, amd jealousy virtues. Everyone please pray for them as getting older has turned them into VAIN MONSTERS. People I do not know. They cannot be related to me. I knew it! LIVEaDAY. Sorry, I couldn’t concentrate on traffic if you paid me to today! My sisters are sick puppies. Shameful. They broke a Commandment when they cornered Mom and made her cry TWICE. Um, I don’t know but didn’t they know I have to be included in financial and health issues when it comes to Mother? Gee, I guess they forgot. Hope it doesn’t come up in Court. There will be no more meetings with my Mother about her finances and health without me present to protect her from the Monsters. You know, I thought I was done talking about it earlier but I was wrong. I guess it bothers me a lot more than I thought. But… lets just LIVE A DAY! J
Need happy thoughts!

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  1. JC says:

    No One posted any Happy Thoughts So……….. Here’s one.
    Woman who was ripped off by a Texas Contractor, MK, after Hurricane Katrina on Gulf Coast Mississippi got Judgment against Contractor for $67K plus 8% post judgment interest. Only problem? He’s in Texas. Try and collect a debt from a contractor but try and collect a debt from a contractor in another state. Especially Texas! They tend to protect their contractor criminals. This crook did this woman in, walked off with money, ladders, tools, building materials and her flooring! Then left over $15k yep that $15,000 worth of attic damages to be fixed still. The whole house needs to be redone because of this Crook. Poor Lady! You would think the Government would help. She’s been writing and begging organizations all over the United States and on EARTH. You see she was given a Grant to have her flooded home fixed. So essentially stole Grant Money and Insurance Money and her personal savings. Now, since it was Grant Money don’t you think the Grant people would be interested in going after this Crook to recover the money? The lady doesn’t have a penny left after this crook cleaned her out. Her roof (new) is now leaking (of course), the house still smells as they ran the air conditioner during demolition. So debris is in the ducts. These guys were the pits. They took her garage door apart saying they knew how to put it back together but kinda failed to pout some screws and parts back together and now she has a broken garage door thanks to them. The gutters are bending off gthe house because they didn’t put them up correctly. Paint drippings bulges. They made an overhang for one door a RAISED ROOF. Now picture an overhang over a door to keep from getting wet. Now picture your regular roof in the same place only it was raised up in a point. Yep. It was catastrophic ugly. She got a raised roof not an overhang. In fact i barely overhang anything since they only raised it. She had to hire another contractor after this guy to close up the house from the outside elements that is why her house cost so much. She paid double to have it done yet the work the crook contrctor did needs to be finished and REDONE.
    Back to the Grant persons. She did show the Grant People the Judgment against him in hopes that they would reimburse her enough to at least finish up the house with that money. However, the Grant people declined her any more money. She can understand in a way but in a way doesn’t understand knowing it was Grant money stolen and not her fault. I mean she got the Judgment plus 8% post judgment interest only thing is…she doesn’t have a dime left in her savings to go after the crook in Texas. You would think maybe the Grant people would care enough to lend some services to go after the crook at least for a fighting chance on recovering the money. But no, the denied her. So the last two years she’s been waiting to hear on an APPEAL. Yep she appealed their decision and is praying for 2 years. When was Katrina? 2005? What year is it? 2013? Thats 8 years people. She says she hates seeing other people moving on with their lives and she is still dormant from this AH Contractor. The Judgment has grown to $85,000 but what good is the Judgment if she can’t collect? She keeps waiting at the mailbox to get teh Appeal answer as they keep telling her it will be in the mail next week. She doesn’t think it looks good with all this delay now. To top this off? You ready? HOld On it does not get any better!
    This person (lady) is disabled. She can’t any fix any of the house. She doesn’t have friends because she is disabled in the house all the time. She doesn’t have a church she goes to to get help as she watches Church on TV. Now because of her finances she has become a Medicaid recipeient. That is a person who is POOR. DISABLED. Needs medical help from their State. In this case, The State of Mississippi. State did I say? Oh yeah, the same State where she got her grant. Now get this! Medicaid recipients (people who use Medicaid in their lifetime) has to repay Medicaid (Mississippi) if they own their own home. Meaning they get some of the proceeds from the sale of their estate (home) to pay back the funds they used while they were alive. Now, I look at it like this…….
    If Mississippi State Medicaid is going to take proceedings and value from the home after this person (lady) dies should they care about the value being upheld of the house? Wouldn’t they want to get as much as possible? Then Why, wouldn’t the State of Mississippi who gave her a grant to fix the house, that was stolen by the crook contractor, that she has a jUdgment against contractor MK, who lives in Texas. Wouldn’t it benefit them to help this lady to go after this crook and the grant money stolen by the crook who lives in Texas? Makes sense to me that the State of Mississippi Grant people would consider her appeal and help her go after this crook to recoup at least the Judgment amount so that she could fix her house. Therefore the house value would not decline and it would keep the house maintained throughout the years until WHO? The State of Mississippi would be back after her death to collect their Medicaid money from the sale of the House. Which will be of goof value WHY? Because the State of Mississippi Grant people recognized the State would be getting its money back in full because they in fact recouped the Grant money for the lady to fix her house, she was able to live in it with air-condition. Oh,forgot to tell you, because the crook contractor failed to put sufficient insulation in the house. The disabled lady cannot use her air conditioner due to the high electricity bill with no insulation. But if she won her appeal for the G rant and got her house fixed she would have air condition throughout her life (lets say about 20 years) and Mississippi State Medicaid would get their full value of the Medicaid she used throughout her life back from the fantastic sale of the valued home that was fixed.
    Okay people, dream on……
    This AINT happening.
    She sits in her incompleted, half-ass, needs to be re-done, Katrina victimized home and it is almost June 2013. Another hurricane season is here. At this point? What do you think I’m thinking?
    She needs a hurricane to hit her house BIG TIME to get her house DONE. But doubtful another Katrina will come through…..maybe one to cause enough roof damage to fix this crook contractors work. Now that’s just plain wrong thinking. Why can’t we do it right where it makes sense?
    Katrina damaged home
    Victim gets grant money from state of Mississippi
    Victim hires Contractor from Texas as they are limited to contractors with the heavy devastation to the area. The beach was wiped off the map people.
    She lives 10 miles from beach directly.
    Clean shot for Katrina
    Crook contractor leaves job and stolen 24′ dumpster in her driveway
    Crook contractor walks off with her flooring and other materials/money
    Victim hires another contractor to close the house up from outside elements so no further damage could occur
    Victim files for additional Grant money
    Victim gets Court to give her Judgment against Crook Contractor who fled back to Texas in the amount of $67K plus 8% interest
    Victim servers contractor for Court with Process Server in Texas by making an appointment for him to do a job. They meet at a McDonalds in Texas. Crook contractor, MK, gets served at McDonalds.
    Crook Contractor goes into hiding! Lets bank foreclose on his $350,000 home in Texas to do a shortsale to sell to a fmaily member
    Therefore, he doesn’t get a lien on his house by victims and saves his house from his victims he scammed during and after Katrina
    Told you Tx protects their crook contractors!
    Victim waits to see if she can get 2nd chance Grant.
    One and half years later she is denied
    Victim Appeals it is almost 3 more years plus since Katrina
    Victim waiting to hear from Appeals Board to see if she will get any additional funds. At this point a few thousand would be good just to be able to hire an attorney in Texas! to go after her full Judgment. If she gets her Judgment from this Crook it will be enough to fix her house completely and bring back some of her sanity.
    She was in touch with the Sate Program that did repairs on homes however they didn’t do attic or insulation repair. Go figure! You would think Katrina was a bad dark Hurricane catastrophic worst natural disaster in US History. Right? Ask this victim and she will say the Hurricane was easy compared to the hell I’m going through with this Bad Crook Contractor and what he did to me. He caused my financial ruin. My credit is horrible. My savings are gone. At this point I may lose the unfinished house. But who would buy it? Needs repairs so she will lose money on the house and all her equity. BTW, the equity is the money she had received from the Courts against the people who caused her to become disabled. Now the crook is going to get that too. All because of this ONE crook he has destroyed this person’s life.. She needs a miracle… She keeps saying God won’t let her down…. But if you look at her face you can see the torment that this ordeal has had on her. You ask yourself? Where are all those Church’s and volunteers? They sure missed this one. Or after this long who thinks there are Katrina victims still out there waiting to get their house done….waiting to move on with their lives?….as their neighbors homes are all redone……she sits in an incomplete, home that has to be redone, no air-condition or heat because of lack of insulation. This is just plain wrong……..
    Someone should help this lady………….
    She says she’s written the White House but I don’t think they read her letter. This is horrible ………… The woman is disabled…. She can’t even fix anything in the house…….. She says she feels air coming the a window…………… that is CLOSED. Her house is only 14 years old but growing older each day it sits unfinished…….. This is a travesty to happen to someone but a disabled female to top it off!
    She says she’s written a book of letters across the nation to get help. Her credit is bad because the crook left bills and the people came knocking on her door for payment….. But she had already paid the Crook…..Didn’t matter….they wanted her to pay them too.
    If this woman dies because of the debris she’s been inhaling or due to illness because no heat in winter or air in summer….This crook needs to be charged with MURDER. Now that would get attention and probably get her house fixed. After she dies.
    This is NOT RIGHT. Lets go after this crook in Texas and get him. They just had a tornado hit around Dallas and he lives around there. She (Victim) said he will be the first to get in there to try and get the jobs. Some other poor person is about to become his new victim.
    She said you want me to sum up his quality of work? One week after he walked off? The kitchen sink faucet (my new one) fell over on its side. I couldn’t see why until we looked underneath. He put it together with rubberbands.
    She remembers going to get some ice for some water out of her refrigerator door. Her ice came out yellow. She couldn’t figure it out saying boy that contaminated water coming in my ice maker. She opened up the freezer to find 3 exploded GLASS BEER bottles inside her icemaker. Glass, beer all over. They brought alcohol on the jobsite and forgot they put it in her freezer. Then left the mess for her to clean up.
    When they first were on the job they had taken the tarp off of some of the roof. Well, because the Contractor forgot to get a PERMIT which she and the contractor agreed he would obtain and he didn’t. Why? Because he’s a crook. They City shut them down and made them quit. Well, those boys took off. That afternoon, it started raining. The victim was walking around and all of a sudden saw rain coming into her living room. The boys failed to cover the roof back up before they left. One of the room ceiling not damaged…. was now damaged.
    She said she could go on and on with stores….. like them failing to remove light fixture before demo-ing. One they were not going to throw away. Then there was the living room ceiling (same living room ceiling) that finally got its ceiling finished. Victim heard a bang noise as she stood in the kitchen and said to herself ….nooooo that did not happen…. yes…… it did happen. One of his men fell through her new ceiling. He was okay. But the crook contractor refused to repair if properly and now she still sees the patch job. And you can see it in the right light shines on it.
    This is horrible ………… Lets pray for this woman. Someone get the anti-curse spell out for her………………. light 100 candles for her……….. this is just plain terrible.
    This should be as long as a book now.
    Thanks on her behalf…………. we feel for her and hope the Appeal comes through in her favor. Don’t hold your breath.


  2. JC says:

    Okay, who stole all the traffic information we had on this website? I bet those darn GURU’s stole all our information on how you really have to pay for traffic in order to make any money. That there is no way in Hades you will make a dime on the internet unless you have money for advertisement! But mostly the heavenly word: TRAFFIC. What? But they say its so easy to get traffic. Ohyeahsureright! And my Grandma too! Don’t believe it. Don’t do it. Save some money and buy some good quality traffic for your Niche.
    Don’t know what a Niche is? Well darn, it was posted until those Guru’s took it down.
    Think of something you are good at doing, like a hobby, stamp collecting maybe? Stuff animals? Wind-up toys? Think of something you like and are knowledgeable about and BAM…..there’s your NICHE.
    You have to have a NICHE to send traffic to SILLY.

    I’m going in the back office to see if our postings are back there. The Guru’s had to have stolen our content, I just know it!
    BBL Peace!
    LIVE A DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Singing the song “Day by Day” now……. isn’t that from Jesus Christ Superstar? I think so. Darn…now its stuck in my head………
    JC < "day by day...... day by day..... oh dear Lord....These things I pray..........">

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