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We know how unique our name is but did you? No we knew you didn’t until we spelled it out to you. We saw this name years ago while having a discussion with a relative. My ex-mother-in-law to be factual, May God Rest Her Lovely Soul. She was explaining what she had learned about their heritage from New Orleans, Louisiana. Well, my ears perked up because I thought that would be fascinating information for my children and their children’s children. She mentioned their name derived from a French name called the “Livaudais”. As soon as I heard it I thought wowwy how adorable. Not only is it spelled with style it sends a message. Live A Day. I’ve loved it since then as I loved my ex-husband, Tom Delery, who re-married and has become single again just like me. Who knows. Live A Day!


Hey guys,
Whats up? I’ve been learning more techniques on getting traffic to your websites and businesses. You would not believe the different things people are coming up with. But you know what? Keep talking because I think word of mouth is the best kind of advetisement ever! Talk Talk Talk! Hey, you can use my story above if you run out of things to say! We Love Traffic.

BTW, you should join list builders groups and get a feel for them. Once you learn what they are all about then I suggest you pick and choose the best ones that suit your needs. Some are just wasted real estate.
Later……LiveADaY J

Oh my word! If you have sisters or brothers look out when you get older. They will gang up on you to protect their inheritance with vengeance. I think my sisters have lost their minds and have turn into monsters. I mean, when you start reading your mother’s email and looking at her bank account to find out what she is spending money on…. I would call that an invasion of privacy! But reading someone’s emails without their permission. Stealing their password? All against the Law. And are you ready? They want to be able to take care of my mother when she is older so that she can live at home in her older age. Excuse me? I think she’s done that! She’s 88 years old and lives in her home and has done it quite well without their help! She has insurance, supplemental insurance, pharmaceutical insurance, you name it and she can take care of herself quite well. She is not stupid and knows what they are up to. They want their inheritance protected. They do not want her spending a dime on ME (her disabled daughter) or our business. They have been jealous of my relationship with my mother since I was born. Help their disabled sister? Are you kidding me? I’m not disabled in their brains. In fact, they don’t even know who I am. I haven’t spoken to them in years yet they tell mother I am going to casinos and gambling. Yeah? With what money? I don’t pull greenbacks out of my ***. But they have taken it to a level of MONSTERS. They don’t see Mom and I are trying to get a business so that it can supplement my low income. They look at it as money being taken away from their inheritance. Something Mother should have never told them about. I think she should leave it to Charity! When they make my Mom cry. That is the end of their unresolved, immature, sinful, childish, amd jealousy virtues. Everyone please pray for them as getting older has turned them into VAIN MONSTERS. People I do not know. They cannot be related to me. I knew it! LIVEaDAY. Sorry, I couldn’t concentrate on traffic if you paid me to today! My sisters are sick puppies. Shameful. They broke a Commandment when they cornered Mom and made her cry TWICE. Um, I don’t know but didn’t they know I have to be included in financial and health issues when it comes to Mother? Gee, I guess they forgot. Hope it doesn’t come up in Court. There will be no more meetings with my Mother about her finances and health without me present to protect her from the Monsters. You know, I thought I was done talking about it earlier but I was wrong. I guess it bothers me a lot more than I thought. But… lets just LIVE A DAY! J
Need happy thoughts!

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